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Underwater Photographer

Who Should Take This Course?

If you dream of sharing your adventures with your non-diving friends, this course is perfect for you! With Underwater Photography you can bring your passion to the surface! You could spend hours learning underwater photography through trial and error, or you can take a shortcut. Learn professional tricks and tips for taking great photos underwater and the best way to capture video while scuba diving with an action camera.

What will you learn?

Avoid beginner mistakes and shorten the learning curve with tips from the pros. Learn how to use underwater photography lights (strobes), avoid backscatter and enhance color.. Over two dives you'll;

  • Use underwater lighting

  • Photograph marine life

  • Choose photo equipment

  • Use your action camera underwater

  • Learn to reduce backscatter


Also, the first dive of this Specialty Diver course may credit toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification – ask your instructor about earning credit. 

What Gear Will I use?

You'll use all your standard cold water diving gear! Chat with your instructor for details.

Next Step:

Phone us now: 1 604 329 3486


Visit us for chat: 6373 Bruce St, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2G5


*There are no refunds should you choose to drop out of the course part way through. Exceptions may be made if it is for a medical reason, with a doctors note

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