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We have all the gear you need to explore the depth and mystery of Vancouver's underwater world

We have everything you need for your dive!  Conveniently located in Horseshoe Bay, close to the best shore diving in the Vancouver Area.


* Wetsuits - all thicknesses for diving here in the Pacific Northwest,  or for your warm water vacation

* Drysuits - whether you prefer neoprene or shell suits - we have both!  We carry SEAC, and Santi!  (We are also an official Santi Demo Centre, so if you have never tried  diving in a Santi suit, you can dive in one for FREE to try it out on our boat!)

* Undergarments for drysuits - we have  garments suitable for use with either neoprene suits or shell suits

* Buoyancy compensators - brand new high end weight integrated.  We also rent sidemount style kits.

* Tanks - aluminum or steel - your preference!  80 cu ft and 100 cu ft.  (We can even set you up with twins if requested ahead of time)

* Regulators - high quality regulators with 2 or 3 gauge consoles

* Dive lights - good quality to see the critters in those crevices, and bring the colour into your dive

* Dive computers - colour LED face

* Masks, fins, snorkels, boots, gloves, hoods, weights, etc.


Phone us now: 1 604 329 3486


Visit us for chat: 6373 Bruce St, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2G5

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