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Our Crew

Jan + Kevin Breckman

Many identify Jan and Kevin by their friendly smiles and passion for diving in the Pacific Northwest. As owners and operators of Sea Dragon Charters they have been showing scuba divers the beauty of Howe Sound  since 1999. 

From the beginning Sea Dragon has been committed to providing a personalized and high quality level of service, next to none. Surpassing guests’ expectations every time, Sea Dragon is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience from the minute you’re welcomed onboard. 

Located in Horseshoe Bay, Sea Dragon is one of the few companies that can boat dive in Howe Sound. Walls, pinnacles, canyons, drifts, unique sponge bio herms, artificial reefs, seals, and stunning ocean and mountain scenery; you can explore it all with Sea Dragon’s Charters! 


Sea Dragon’s staff are knowledgeable and certified Divemasters, Dive Instructors, and Captains; meaning they are dedicated to ensuring your time above and below water is nothing short of remarkable. Whether you are a first time snorkeler or a technical diving professional, you will be in capable hands.

Kevin, Owner + Captain

Kevin wears many hats as co-founder of Sea Dragon, acting as the primary captain and a dive instructor. Kevin started teaching diving in 1978 through NASDS. He became a SSI and NAUI Instructor in 1982 and has certified several thousand students in his career. One of these students was the love of his life, Jan, whom he met in 1980. Together they became a teaching duo and flocked to Florida where they worked in the dive industry for 13 years before heading back to Canada. When in Florida, Kevin became a Captain. Kevin held the 50 tonne Masters US and 200 tonne limited captain’s licences in Florida. Currently he operates under a CTC 60 tonne Masters license. We asked Kevin what the favourite part of his career has been. In keen reflection he replied “My favourite part has really been all of it, every aspect. However, I do have a soft spot for new divers. I love to see the excitement as they first start diving and then watch how they develop and move on to enjoy the sport with confidence.”

Jan, Owner + Instructor

Jan has been a long time diver. She first started diving in 1980, then became involved in the diving industry almost immediately. Jan was certified as an instructor in her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1982. She proceeded to work in the scuba industry and teach diving in Manitoba and British Columbia for a few years, then moved to sunny Florida. Kevin and Jan spent 13 wonderful years in Florida as charter boat owners/operators, dive store owners, and also working as instructors. Eventually returning to BC with their three children, Jan and Kevin brought their love of diving home… and we’re lucky they did! Jan is a board member of the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia and is active in the BC diving community. 

Gavin, Instructor

Started diving in 2008, during a vacation to Cuba.  In 2012 decided to continue his diving in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in his own back yard, and loved it so much that he progressed to becoming a PADI instructor in 2015, and now teaches Drysuit diving, Nitrox, Wreck, Deep, Night, etc.  Gavin was born in England but moved to Canada as a child.  He comes by his love of the water naturally, as his father was a BSAC leader (British Sub Aqua Club), as well as being a police diver. 


Monique, Instructor + Shop Staff

I have been a Master Instructor for 10 years and have been diving for 25.

Even if I dive the same place 100 times there is always something new to see.

being underwater is fun.


Darrin, Divemaster

My first dive, I was 11 years old and in Fiji!

From day  one, I was hooked on Scuba Diving! I ultimately didn't get my OW Certification until I was 21 and due to a lack of dive buddies back then didn't really embrace diving until 2020.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to dive in over 200 (and counting) different locations throughout North and Central America, Asia, Africa and as well as Oceanic.

I love diving in all environments (including ice diving). I have recently begun my venture into Tec Diving!

During 2022, I decided to take the Divemaster journey and completed it in early 2023.

Weather you are advanced or a beginner, I'm excited to go out for a dive with you!

IMG_1630 (1).JPG

Brian, Captain + Divemaster

I was a late starter and only began diving in 2011, earning my Dive Master certification a year later.

Diving became my passion and aligned perfectly with my views on conversation and the protection of our oceans. I was fortunate to be selected as one of the volunteer divers for the Vancouver Aquarium and over the past seven years have gained invaluable information from their biologists.

My previous career was in the Airline industry and that provided me with the opportunity to travel and dive in many of the more exotic locations throughout the world.

unnamed (16).jpg

Robin, Instructor

25 years ago my friend introduced me to diving with a DSD in Puerto Rico. It was love at first breath. 


In that time, I have been blessed to dive amazing places around the world, have made some great diving friends, and privileged to have worked with some top notch instructors, technical instructors, and Course Directors that have mentored me into the instructor I am today. Now, I’m a technical diver and Master Instructor that loves to teach, DM, and guide fun adventures in and out of the water. Passion unabated. 


If I’m not teaching or guiding, you’ll usually catch me with my camera or scooter. But watch out if you’re taking pictures yourself, I love to drop the photo bomb! 


Tori, Instructor + Shop Staff

I wanted to dive my entire life, so the summer I turned 17 I saved up all my money and that autumn I learned to dive. I started volunteering for the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and fell in love with sharing the underwater world. I became an instructor at 19 and travelled around teaching and diving before returning to Canada. In Canada I continued my tech diving and equipment servicing paths, and am now a cold-water technical diving junkie. 


Katya, Instructor

rob - ice.jpg

Rob, Divemaster + Shop Staff

I started my dive life on the scuba diver factory also known as Koh Tao, Thailand in 2002. What was supposed to be a summer backpacking turned into a 2 year work trip. Stop me if you've heard this before? From the time I left Thailand until 2017 I bounced around the world from work visa to work visa living out of a bag and diving as much as I could. This included stops in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Africa, Nunavut and the South Pacific. Although I ventured a little into the world of tech diving, my love has always been the weird, wild and wonderful creatures you find in the first 10m of sunlight. Did someone sign Mantis Shrimp?!


Nowadays you'll find me behind the counter on Sundays and the odd time helping on the boat or doing some guiding. 


See you Sunday!


Andrew, Snorkel Guide


Jake, Instructor

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