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Explore Freediving!

Ever wanted to stay underwater just a little longer during a snorkelling trip or be more comfortable under waves during a surfing session?

Freediving is any activity which involves learning and training to hold your breath underwater for an extended period of time.


If you love being in water, and would like to feel more comfortable while being submerged, check out what we do.

What's Included?

  • Classroom time for theory and knowledge development 

  • Pool training for static and dynamic apnea

  • Openwater shore diving

  • Openwater boat diving (likely on the Annapolis!)

  • Maximimum 4:1 student to instructor

  • AIDA 2 internationally recognized freediving certification

  • Freediving manual

  • Gain the ability and knowledge to freedive to 20 meters

What Gear Will I use?

Sea Dragon Charters provides all necessary gear rentals. Your Sea Dragon Instructor will explain the equipment that you need and may suggest additional gear.

Next Step:

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