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SEAC WarmDry Drysuit - Used

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Product Details

Drysuit in Hi Density 4-mm Neoprene conceived for the most demanding recreational divers. The optimisation of the cut improves greatly on fit. 

The suit comes with semi-rigid boots that can be turned inside-out to facilitate drying after diving. The pocket in Cordura 1000 has a bellows to increase its capacity and make it easier to use. 

High-resistance materials offer protection on shoulders, elbows, knees, and buttocks, making this an excellent product for professional use as well.


- Outer lining: Poly PK Heavy Duty + Powertex 

- Inner lining: Nylon 

- Zipper: DRY BDM in metal with protective flap 

- Seams: blind stitching outside 

- Neoprene Tape inside 

- Collar: Glide Skin 

- Wrist closure system: Smooth aquastop 

- Fabric bag, hood, hose, and straps included.


POWERTEX: protection devices in ultra-resistant material on all zones more commonly subject to abrasion. It guarantees greater sturdiness and long-life of the product. 

INTEGRATED ACCESSORIES POCKET: all SEAC drysuits are equipped with a roomy, practical, and functional accessories pocket on the outside of the right leg. 

SMOOTH AQUASTOP: the particular Smooth Aquastop closing system used at the wrists guarantees excellent seal, extreme reliability, and ease in suiting up.

SI-TECH DUMPING VALVE: The dump button positioned on the shoulder allows easy and quick management of air flows to guarantee perfect buoyancy while diving. 

SI-TECH 360°: ternum inlet valve with 360° rotating side button that allows free positioning of the LP hose. 

4 MM HI-DENSITY NEOPRENE: Hi-density4 mm Neoprene with high-resistance to compression that guarantees the best possible thermal insulation, fit, and comfort. 

SUPERSTRETCH COLLAR: Collar in high-density Superstretch fabric that guarantees extreme reliability and comfort. 

GLIDE SKIN COLLAR: Collar in glide skin with super stretchy melco reinforcements. In addition to guaranteeing excellent seal, it does not stress the neck and facilitates putting on and taking off the suit. 

ANATOMICAL CUT: the special pre-formed and pre-inclined anatomical cut of the SEAC suits allows perfect body-suit adherence and seal. 

Boot Sizes:

S- EU 41/42
M- EU 43/44
L- EU 44/45
XL- EU45/46
XXL- EU 46/47
XXXL- EU 47/48

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