Octopus, wolf eels and grunt sculpins, oh my!

This past week and weekend was loaded with sun, fun, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.  Saturday saw Captain Bob at the helm. He took his group to the Annapolis for their requested first dive and then off to Halkett Wall for the second dive of the day. The visibility was reported as very clear below 30' of depth.  The crew consisted of Bob, Gavin and his hot buttered buns (wish I was there) and Captain-in-Training (Brian Caron).

Sunday's crew was Kevin, Brian and Justin. We had initially picked Wedding Cake for our first dive, as we had a few new divers to the area and we were looking to have a buoy tied boat to a shallower site with a bottom and a line decent for safety and better orientation. This was not to be as the current was flowing hard due to a very large ebb tide. The second choice was the Annapolis. The site provided what we were looking for - less current but a known bottom and line decent.  There were several divers on board that had not been on the Annapolis since she had been sunk several years ago. They surfaced and indicated that they were amazed with the amount of life on the wreck. The visibility was very good! With all the new divers feeling comfortable with their rental equipment and the cold water diving, the request was for a Pacific North West Wall - so Halkett Wall was our choice and what a delight! The visibility was reported as superb!  The divers saw wolf eels, octo's, amazing plumos anemone ,grunt sculpin's, lings, rockfish.  I asked one diver as I was spinning the Topline in for a pickup - how was the dive? Answer and I quote "FANFUCKENTASTIC" - all divers enthusiastically agreed! Made my day! The group was from all over, Newfoundland, Missouri and local.

Sunday afternoon had us up north snorkeling and kayaking. This group was of course amazed with scenery of Howe Sound and the icing on cake was the large groups of seals and fish that were observed. The afternoon trip usually ends about 6:00 pm but we were all having so much fun - we didn't make back until about 6:30 pm.

- Captain Kevin's Log, June 3, 2019

man scuba diving the HMCS Annapolis artificial reef in Howe Sound
Diving the HMCS Annapolis

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