Octopus Whisperers and Cuddly Pups

Well, magical is the only word to describe Friday night's first dusk dive and barbecue of the season. Two divers from Washington brought their boat up for the weekend and stayed on the dock just down from the Topline. They were in for 3 days of incredible diving.

Friday night was overcast with the clouds hanging heavy, almost touching the surface of Howe Sound. The water was unbelievably calm and almost black which would indicate very good visibility. The divers plunged at about 8:00 pm and returned to the boat anywhere from 60-90 min later. The group experienced excellent visibility and were astounded at the activity of the marine life at dusk. The barbecues were then warmed up and we all floated on the calm seas for an additional hour taking in this very magical evening and enjoying meals with choices of wine and beer. Back at the dock I also celebrated an end to the evening with a couple of glasses of a fine red wine gifted by our friends from Washington.

Saturday was again magical and overcast, but with once again very calm sea's the decision was go north and test the Dragons Den and wow what a choice. We had incredible visibility. The divers reported seeing lingcod, rockfish, dragons (go figure) and yes the "Octopus Whisperer" Justin once again was sighting these wonderful creatures. The second choice was Halkett Wall, and what a choice! This dive had all divers raving about the visibility and what they saw. All saw 3-4 octos and all saw the resident wolf eels. The great visibility further enhanced the dramatic topography. 

Sunday was a special request for the Annapolis. All divers had a great time - with some asking for a second dive and others requesting a drop on the wall opposite the Annapolis. We called this wall Halkett Inni and it is a fantastic wall. All divers on this dive also encountered a group of wolf eels that have made this area home. So when we are at the Annapolis and you would rather "oh natural" the captain can time the drop so that you are on the wall and others are on the Anni. The timing works that the divers on the Anni will be picked up and the boat will be waiting for you when the wall dive is finished  - usually the run time is an hour.

Snorkeling and Kayaking this week was pretty awesome. While several ladies were in the water snorkeling, a young seal came by and just wanted to cuddle. The girls simply did not move and the young rascal tried for a neck hug. Mom was nearby and not at all concerned. The young one soon moved off with mom, and the girls continued on looking for the next encounter. Not a bad experience for a few gals from England and the USA. 

- Captain Kevin

man scuba diving in howe sound underwater photography
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