Dry suit classes, GUE Fundamentals classes and just good ol' fashion FUN!

Saturday was slightly overcast, cool with a nice breeze - definitely a perfect summer day. The divers on board were from Alberta, USA, and local. Northern Howe Sound was calling to us - so off we went to the Dragons Den. This dive site is always exciting with it's vertical walls, loads of life and of course the large cavernous overhangs that are the Dragons Den. The divers reported excellent visibility - very clear below 20'.  The second site had been planned for Crash Creek but the summer southerly winds picked up and we had to move to a calmer spot. We chose to dive the heel of Bowyer Island and as always this site was delightful. The life was out in full force. One group even had a few seals diving alongside them. We returned to the dock with a very happy crew of divers. The best comment was from a newly arrived diver from Ontario. His dream was to move to Vancouver to both work and pursue his new passion - diving.  He had been doing a lot of shore diving, but his parting comment was that boat diving is a whole new level of fun and excitement and "I'll be back". 

Sunday saw a mix of activities. Three drysuit students finishing their certifications with Gavin. They did fantastic and congratulations to the group. The group did the first dive on the Pinnacle. The surface current was ripping. The current at depth was not bad. The group again had excellent visibility below 20'.  Most saw the resident wolf eel, the plumous gardens and much more. The second dive saw us at the Annapolis and Halkett Inni Wall. The divers spotted another wolf eel but no octo's this time out. The group was from the USA, local and a 1st time cold water diver from Brazil by way of Paris. She is a scientist and was in Vancouver for a conference. Wow, she did great and truly deserves our NAUI duck award!

It was a busy weekend at the Expedition Centre, which also hosted a GUE Fundamentals class with instructor, Liz Tribe. Congratulations also to Liam, Mark and Brian who completed their GUE Fundamentals class this weekend with recreational passes all around!

- Captain Kevin's Log, June 24, 2019

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